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Offensive language

So I made a short post about evolution and a couple people notified me that the terms “oriental” and “aborigines” are offensive. That was outstanding to me because I have never heard that, ever. I’m not defending my use of the terms of course, but im just amazed at how i’ve never heard of this before. Two people told me independently, so It obviously has some basis. But I have so many questions. Is describing architecture as “oriental” offensive? If so, what do I call it? Does Nat Geo know they shouldn’t call them Aborigines? I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I know of the term. I have heard Native Australians described as “aborigines” in reference to their ancestral history from many sources (mostly in refference to their mixing with Denisovans and their lack of mixing with Neanderthals), but it was never said in an ignorant or discriminatory fashion, it was just language and science. Is this a changing cultural thing like how the proper terms for african descendants has changed from nigger to negro to black to african american to black again, or was “Aborigines” always offensive? Why is it offensive? I can guess why Oriental is offensive (because White americans probably couldn’t tell the difference between different eastern peoples, so they threw an umbrella term at it), but why Aborigines? Was that like the Australian equivalent to “Indians”? Was “Aborigines” a term made up by Europeans, despite the natives having their own names for their groups? And what about Transvestite?! Why is that offensive? I feel like im walking in a minefield. Are there any other offensive words I should know about before I accidentally leave a trail of small pox and white privilege in my wake?

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